COMMERCIA Legal Consulting is an expert firm in the processes of reviewing the different areas of a company to ensure correct accounting accurately reflected and the verification that both income and expenses are in line with reality.

Besides, and not least important for the good running of your company, is the preventive detection of possible irregularities that can occur recurrently or sporadically in such accounting.

When it comes to the purchase of a company, it is essential to know its legal, fiscal, labor, property, etc. situation, in order to carry out the correct valuation of said company.

We assist you getting to know the full reality of the financial situation of the company being purchased or sold.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting offers its Due Diligence services for the good running of your company. Our professionals will initiate a thorough review procedure in the accounting of your company, taking care that it fulfills correctly all its legal obligations.

Among others, we will review aspects such as:

  • Properties owned by the Company
  • Asset / Liability Situation
  • Tax compliance
  • Review of Possible Judicial Procedures in progress in favor or against
  • Compliance in Labor matters
  • Compliance in Social Security Matters

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting is carrying out Due Diligence processes with a high level of quality, thanks to the knowledge of our professionals in multiple and diverse aspects closely linked to the business activity. We can be your best guarantee.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a company, contact our professionals, we are specialists in the business world and we can offer you all the guarantee of a safe operation.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting:

Law firm for your personal and business matters.

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