COMMERCIA Legal Consulting offers ​​legal advice regarding environmental matters, closely related to Urban Law, Energy Law and Agrarian Law, the principal areas in our Firm.

Our professionals will advise you, acting if necessary before administrative proceedings, as well as before judicial proceedings. We will handle the administrative processing of permits, concessions and authorizations of an environmental nature, in addition to elaborating any necessary normative draft to be submitted to any of the existing Administrations.

Our professionals will help you out in anything to do with environmental issues related to topics such as:

  • Administrative sanctions.
  • Renewable Energy Special Regime
  • Complaints about the use of harmful agricultural products
  • Acoustic Pollution
  • Water Conflicts
  • Waste management
  • Protection of Natural Spaces
  • Advice to Urbanistic Companies
  • Violation of the Regulations for the Protection of Flora and Fauna
  • Defense before the Administrative Court
  • Advice to National and International Companies


COMMERCIA Legal Consulting is a firm with proven experience in providing legal advice to energy companies both nationally and internationally in such important aspects as contractual, company, administrative, financial or corporate matters.

We will advise you at any of the stages through which your company passes, from its constitution to any legal aspect on the distribution, marketing, or electricity production process.

We can also provide you with legal advice in any of the operations of sale, marketing, distribution, financing, etc.

The components of our firm have extensive experience in projects and operations within the renewable energy sector: wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, etc.

We can offer you, among others, the following services:

  • General legal advice on renewable energies
  • Purchase of Energy facilities
  • Advice on international regulatory developments
  • Legal Controller Services Regulatory Criminal Compliance
  • Administrative / Regulatory Advice
  • Contractual Counseling / Contract Negotiation
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Legal defense in renewable energies
  • State Subsidies and State Aid
  • International Commercial Mediation
  • Judicial and Mediation Procedures

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting: Experts in Renewable Energy.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting will facilitate the administrative procedures you need with agility and efficiency

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