COMMERCIA Legal Consulting is specialized in the integral attention to the company. Criminal matters concerning the business world are one of the main focuses of attention for our professionals.

  • Annual Accounts
  • Imposition of Abusive Agreements
  • Misappropriation of majority shareholders vs. minority shareholders
  • Imposition of Injurious Agreements
  • Denial or impediment of Exercise of Social Rights
  • Impediment of Inspection or Supervision Actions

It is important to consider that the punishment for committing these crimes entails in most cases imprisonment, so this requires the intervention of an expert lawyer who knows how to act, both in defense and in accusation to assert their rights with the maximum guarantees.

COMMERCE Legal Consulting:

Enforce your rights. Entrust us  with the defence of your rights. We are specialists.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting:

Law firm for your personal and business matters

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