COMMERCIA Legal Consulting aborda los asuntos legales relativos a la empresa como uno de los focos de atención del despacho. Como objetivo nos hemos fijado ofrecer un servicio excepcional a nuestro cliente, haciendo hincapié en el asesoramiento preventivo y la previsibilidad de costes.

Atendemos a nuestro cliente desde la perspectiva de la idoneidad de nuestro asesoramiento en relación a su empresa, sus características particulares, radio de acción, tipo de actividad, internacionalización, momento de su actividad empresarial, etc.

Partimos de que no hay dos empresas iguales ni dos momentos de actividad empresarial idénticos en la misma empresa, por ello pretendemos atender cada vertiente, plano y arista de su modelo de negocio.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting: Experience, skill and knowledge at the service of your business model.

Our firm covers a wide range of companies, from Startups to Multinationals. We serve national and international operations.

In our office you will find legal advice to subsidiaries of multinationals, covering issues such as:

  • National and international commercial contracting: agency, distribution, franchise, supplies, financing, etc.
  • Commercial Distribution: Franchises, agencies, logistics and selective networks
  • Constitution of societies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies (M & A)
  • Company Splits
  • Licensing and Outsourcing Contracts
  • Real and Personal Guarantees
  • Consumer Rights
  • Strategic alliances
  • Increases and Reductions of Capital
  • Family Protocols
  • Joint Ventures
  • Statutory Reforms
  • Conflicts resolution


COMMERCIA Legal Consulting intends to offer solution to insolvent companies and to those others that can foresee such a situation in a possible future.

Our experience in legal counseling to the parties affected by a bankruptcy process allows us to face this business situation with solvency and rigour. Our deep knowledge of national and international regulations regarding business insolvency will undoubtedly provide you with the best tools to deal with any of the bankruptcy stages that your company is going through.

We will propose different options seeking to optimize its resources to ensure the continuity of business activity, as well as protect the rights and guarantees of entrepreneurs, workers and administrators.

As expert bankruptcy lawyers, we guarantee you the best advice and legal action in aspects such as:

  • Advice in the pre-bankruptcy phase
  • Advising in the insolvency phase
  • Advice in liquidation phase
  • Responsibility of Administrators
  • Legal agreement with creditors
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign insolvency proceedings
  • Structuring of investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities
  • Debt refinancing
  • Insolvency

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting:

Experts in insolvency situations. Trust our advice.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting:

Enforce your rights. Entrust us with the defence of your rights. We are specialists.

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