Civil law

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting has been offering legal services on Civil Law ever since the firm started its activity.

Our professionals will try, through mediation and dialogue, to reach satisfactory agreements for our clients, which will avoid having to go to court because of the higher costs to the client both in the purely economic field and in the inevitable expansion of the resolution times, not to mention the emotional exhaustion that usually entails extending procedures such as those affecting the family.

Likewise, our lawyers are effective and resolute if, after trying mediation, they must go to Court to defend our clients’ rights.

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting will assist you with matters such as:

  • Contractual Right: Drafting / Modification of all types of civil contracts
  • Civil Liability Traffic Accidents / Insurers
  • Family right:
    • Litigation / Divorce Litigation / Mutual Settlement / Notary Divorce /
    • Modification of Measures / Food Pension
  • Economical Claims
  • Evictions / Foreclosures / Mortgage executions
  • Inheritances / Last will executions
  • Environmental Law: Claims
  • Agricultural Right: Servitudes
  • Defects in Construction
  • Defense of consumer Rights

COMMERCIA Legal Consulting:

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